When it comes to sex toys like dildos, men are often considered as primary consumers. But the truth is, quite a high number of women are also using dildos now-a-days. So, how many dildos does the average woman own? Well, there’s no definite answer to this question as it will ultimately depend upon the preferences of each individual woman.

Good vibrations: Mom-of-two tests sex toys professionally and loves her job - New York Daily NewsMy friend, who is a single woman in her mid-30s, has owned a fair share of dildos over the years. According to her, when she first started exploring the world of sex toys, it felt slightly intimidating. But once she made her first purchase, she felt more liberated and confident.

Now, she has a collection of 10 dildos of different shapes, sizes and colours. One of her favourites is a vibrating dildo that comes with interchangeable heads. She absolutely loves this because it helps her spice up her solo playtime. Besides dildos, she also has a few other sex toys in her collection, such as a clitoral vibrator and an anal plug.

Based on my own experience and observations, I would say that the number of dildos owned by an average woman pretty much depends on her willingness to experiment. If she is open and confident about exploring her sexual desires, she will likely own more than one dildo. But if she is hesitant or inexperienced, she may not even buy a single dildo.

It is also worth noting that many women hesitate to purchase dildos from physical stores due to the stigma associated with sex toys. But thankfully, nowadays several online stores offer discreet delivery services, which allows women to purchase dildos without worrying about judgmental stares from other customers or salespersons.

My friend, who is an introvert, also prefers buying her dildos online. So, if you also want to explore the world of sex toys without having to confront awkwardness in the real world, then buying them online is definitely the right way to go.

In conclusion, the exact number of dildos owned by the average woman is quite hard to determine as it varies depending on several factors, such as her willingness to experiment, budget and access to real or online stores.

It is very likely that an increased number of women will own dildos in the near future, as the stigma around sex toys slowly decreases. That being said, many women still feel shy to explore their sexuality. If you are one of them, then I would recommend talking to your friend or reading reviews online before you purchase your first dildo.

Women should never feel ashamed of owning dildos, as they can be used to safely explore one’s sexual desires. Personally, I feel that having an open mind about sex toys can do wonders for your sexual empowerment.

The best part about dildos is that they can provide pleasurable sensation with or without a partner. So, if you want to take your solo time to new heights, then having a good quality dildo should certainly be on your to-do-list.

In terms of size, you may want to go for something that is realistically-sized and won’t be too intimidating. If you are a beginner, then I would suggest starting with a small dildo as it will be easier to use.

In addition, there are a variety of dildos available in the market. You can choose from latex, silicone, glass, wood, and metal, depending on what type of sensation you are after.

Also, you may want to consider trying out different kinds of lube to make your experience more enjoyable. Not to mention, lubricants can also reduce the friction and offer a smoother ride.

Finally, I highly suggest that you keep your dildos properly sanitized after every use. It will make the whole experience much more pleasurable and help you avoid any potential infections or other sorts of risks.

In summary, owning a dildo can be immensely pleasurable if it is used safely and responsibly. So go ahead and explore the world of sex toys without feeling a bit of shame about it!