When I first heard about the pictures of goliath penis pump results, I was intrigued.​ How could someone possibly pump their penis up to such massive proportions? I had to know more, so I jumped online to start gathering information.​

The most common response I got was that the penis pump was an effective solution for erectile dysfunction and other similar ailments.​ With regular use, the pump could increase blood flow and allow for larger, firmer erections.​ Plus, they promised results were fast acting and relatively painless.​

As intrigued as I was, I was still skeptical about whether it would work or not.​ But then I stumbled upon a few pictures of the results.​ The before and after images were like nothing I had ever seen before.​ It was like a science fiction movie or something, with the pumped-up penis coming in at twice the size of the original.​

The transformation was really quite incredible.​ It was as if the pump had granted this man some sort of super-human ability.​ His newly acquired girth made him look more masculine and confident.​

I couldn’t help but imagine what it must feel like to wield such a goliath tool.​ It had to be quite the ego boost! But I knew that I could never bring myself to try the pump, no matter how awestruck I was by it.​

So I kept my fantasies to myself and scoured the internet for advice.​ It was a good idea in my opinion to approach the penis pump with caution.​

I guess this was just one way of dealing with erectile dysfunction, sex toys but, for dildos me, opting for such a drastic solution was never an option!