what lube to use with tpe sex dolls

Hey, Penis Rings so I recently got a TPE sex doll; they’re really popular nowadays, so it just makes sense to have one. I’m sure you can agree that they are amazing. I’ve heard plenty of reviews about it, and they’re all positive! People usually have one concern and that is the appropriate lubricant. Y’know, there are all sorts of lubes out there, so it’s hard to decide which is best for the doll.

Let me tell you what I did. To start off, I spoke to a few people who’d used TPE sex dolls before. Everyone suggested that a water-based lube did the trick and managed to make the most out of the doll. One person even said that using silicone-based lube would make it worse. So, after some research, I opted for one that was water based.

So, what did I learn after using the water-based lube? Well, it made all the difference! It really helped change the sensation of the doll, making it seem real. It had this smooth-sensation when it was applied, like it was almost meant to be with the doll. It also helped make it feel more human-like, in terms of the sensation. It certainly upped the ante, and it just made the whole experience better.

Another thing that I found out about the lube is that it does help the doll last a bit longer than it otherwise would have. Historically, without using a lubricant, the doll would age a bit quicker, resulting in a less-than-ideal experience. Good lube helps prevent that, making sure that your doll looks and feels more like it did on day one.

Finally, I noticed that the lube wasn’t very expensive. I mean, you can definitely find some brands of lube that are more expensive than others. But, generally, you can find lube for under five bucks and it’ll do the trick. So, for me, it was a great way of making sure I didn’t overspend on something that wasn’t even necessary.

All in all, sex toys I was really satisfied with my choice. After taking the time to research what lube I should use with a TPE sex doll, I found one that ticked all of my boxes. Not only did it make the whole experience better, but it also helped keep the doll looking and feeling like it was on day one. Plus, it saved me some extra cash — and who wouldn’t want that? Tell me, what would you do if you got a TPE sex doll?