sex doll destroyed

I’m at a loss for words. A little over a week ago I got a call from my neighbor, letting me know that they had seen a sex doll utterly destroyed at the local park. Since then I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the idea of why someone would do this. Did someone have a vendetta against something they considered unnatural? Maybe some kind of religious purification?

When I first went to the park after getting word of the sex doll being destroyed, my stomach instantly clenched. It felt like being kicked in the gut. Seeing the pieces filled me with sadness and anger, like an unstoppable tide. Why someone would do this I will never know, and it’s a difficult idea to cope with.

The only thing that took my mind off of it was when I saw a small group of kids eyeing up the damage. That’s when it really sunk in; children should never have to witness something like this. It seemed like they were questioning what could have happened and why. That’s when I felt really moved; not only had a dummy been violated, but so had their innocence and trust in society.

The next morning I returned to the park to pay my respects. There was a makeshift memorial of sorts for the doll, with stuffed animals and candles. It’s a strange thing, Penis Rings seeing people gather around and mourn for something, yet, this doll really meant something; not just to those who were there but to society as a whole.

That isn’t to say I’m not completely without opinion about what happened. There’s an unsettling something that comes with the thought of a sex toys toy being destroyed. I think it’s a living example of someone taking their prejudice and hatred to the extreme. It’s not just sad, it’s dangerous.

To me, it was almost like a warning. We mustn’t forget that, while all of us are constitutionally entitled to our own opinions, we must be responsible with them. We need to continue pushing back against hate and violence, otherwise, more dolls will be destroyed. That’s simply not the kind of world I want to live in.