putin sex doll

I can hardly believe that someone would actually make a Putin Sex Doll – what’s up in the world today? I mean, really!? I guess it’s just another sign of our crazy times that the ‘dictator of Russia’ can have his own sex toy. Like, why would anyone even think of putting a Putin sex doll on the market?

Anyways, I figured I’d do a little research and see what I can find out about this Putin sex doll. Apparently, there’s actually one out there – who knew, right? The doll has been created to celebrate Russia’s president’s 65th birthday by a Chinese Toymaker, which sells the busty doll with blonde hair, a volley ball uniform and a Russian uniform. The doll’s lips also move and it can say five different phrases in Russian.

I don’t mean to be judgmental but this weird Putin Sex Doll managed to spark a debate amongst people on the internet. On the one hand, people praise the creativity and art of the doll but on the other hand, some think the doll is an offense and yet others say it’s ridiculous. I mean, it’s kinda cool that there’s a Putin Sex Doll out there but still a little bit strange.

It’s not just a Putin Sex Doll either – turns out there are plenty of other “presidential sex dolls” available. From Obama to Branson and Bush, it seems that there is something for everyone if you want a sex doll of a famous person. I guess it’s the kind of thing (that usually) only happen in dreams and not in the real world.

Not everyone is sure about the Putin sexy doll. Some people say it’s a great way to amuse yourself (or stimulate someone else) but not everyone is convinced. I for one have yet to be sold on this “toy”. I don’t think I’m gonna buy one — what do you think?

The debate goes on. It seems that the Putin Sex Doll has both shocked and intrigued people and that it will keep sparking debate for some time to come. Some media have already taken notice of the trend and made fun of the Putin Sex Doll. People either love it or dildos hate it I suppose.

It’s quite funny to see how a sex toy can shook up the world (or at least part of it), but that’s the power of social media in the era of internet. People can go wild with this kind of stuff – if you’re searching for something, you can find it. Putin Sex Doll is one of those that you will have to search deeper to find, no doubt.

Moving along, my curiosity made me take a further look to the Putin Sex Doll. From what I found out, it seems that the doll is not exclusively for serious ‘lovers of Putin’ but rather as a sort of parody – as though commenting on the Russian President’s presence in world politics. The fact that it also has some sort of fan base – one that considers it an ‘object of admiration’ – goes to show the creativity of the makers and how far some people will go to show their admiration.

Still, despite all the publicity, notoriety, buzz and even fan-base the Putin Sex Doll has, I have to say I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet. It’s definitely something very different – a blend of politics and sex – and in this day and age when political satire is becoming more and more of a norm, it’s no wonder that the Putin Sex Doll has found a small market niche.

Going a bit deeper, some people see it as a way to mock Putin and the kind of ‘persona’ he tries to display on the world stage. Some have even speculated that the Putin Sex Doll could be seen as a form of political expression – if not a form of protest.

Whether the idea behind it is to mock Putin or Penis Rings to simply provide a sexual outlet for his admirers is up for debate, but one thing is for sure – the Putin Sex Doll is not going away anytime soon, as the fascination with it seems to be ever increasing and ever changing.