Shyla 17.72” Supine 3 in 1 Sex Doll Male Masturbator


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  • Supine naked body, show unquestionable sexual temptation.
  • Decorate her with your other sex toys, satisfy your special liking for sex scenarios.
  • Hot body curves with everything that a sexy woman should have, embrace a tangible girlfriend that belongs to you alone.
  • 2 heavily textured sweet holes, add a new dimension to your sex life.
  • TPR material, super softness and elasticity for a variety of sexual posture changes.
  • Completely waterproof, easy to clean.



Dress her up with a black lace dress, and get her a beaded collar as decoration. You can also take out your favorite nipple clips or other delicate little toys to add fresh tricks. Look, you just created a perfect amusement scenario for yourself that is extremely in line with your heart. You begin to taste your own beauty. You walk around her and finally come to her face. First, your fingers stretched to the slender neck, the obvious collarbone, the breasts decorated with bell nipple clips. . . Continue to go down, and finally came to the longing pussy. It seemed to flinch because of tension. But you did not hesitate to shove your fingers in, bringing in a lot of lubricant to make the two sweet holes humid and juicy. Her skin is so pliable and elastic, waiting to be styled or tugged. Take her home and have fun!


Product size: 17.72 X 12.59 X 7.08”

Weight: 18.74 lb

Material: TPR

Package included:
1 x realistic sex doll


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