Graduated 3-Bead E-Stim Stainless Steel Anal Plug


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  • Perfectly graduated 3 beads, enjoy comfortable thrusting.
  • Refreshing E-stimulation, 4 modes for an exciting anal adventure.
  • Adjustable speed of current pulses, enjoy at your own pace.
  • Equipped with a manageable penis ring, get your dick bigger and stronger.
  • 48-inch connecting wire, fully immerse yourself into the electric current without the trouble of distance limitation.
  • Stainless steel material, extra slick, smooth and hygienic.



Offering three graduated sizes for anal pleasure seekers, this backdoor stimulator ranges from a very small bead at 0.4 inches to a more filling one at 1.2 inches. It’s ideal for many levels of anal experience, especially for beginners. The plug made of stainless steel is extremely sensitive to current changes, and this is why it is so good as an electro toy. Connected to the remote control via a 48-inch wire, it is capable of emitting 4 modes of current, which is how your sensitive points are stimulated and cheered up. In order to ensure pure pleasure, the intensity of each electric current mode can be adjusted based on your preferences. Whether to enjoy tickling pleasure or to push the limits of anal experience, it all depends on you! Moreover, the mirror-like surface will slide into your asshole smoothly, maximizing comfort during the initial insertion. You’re gonna fall in love with the refreshing E-stimulation.


Length: 4”

Width of the 3 swollen part: 0.4 x 0.7 x 1.2”

Length of connecting wire: 48″

Weight: 0.32 lb

Material: stainless steel


Package included:
1 x anal plug

1 x remote control

1 x penis ring


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