6-Frequency Water Spa 6-Mode Sucking Penis Enlargement Pump


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  • Clear blue cylinder with precise measurements, observable dick-exercise.
  • LED screen display, real-time monitoring of frequency, exercise time and remaining power.
  • Double entrance donuts, snugger penis-wrapping and better seal.
  • 6-frequency water spa, feel free to explore the world of refreshing water spa.
  • 6-mode powerful sucking, get your dick sucked and boosted with or without water.
  • Removable design, simple and convenient cleaning after fun.
  • USB charging, enjoy a convenient sexual lifestyle.
  • A stroker-style sleeve can be available within the package of higher price, customize your own dick massage.



Experience a brand new dick exercise with water as the main medium! You must have heard a lot about or are looking forward to the charm of water spa. Now you have the opportunity to experience how wonderful solo time can become with the adding of water. Powered by the strong motor, the water turbine placed at the bottom of the chamber runs in any of the 6 modes to activate the water injected into the cylinder. Also, the intensity of water-churning changes along with the mode. Those waters can be gentle for mild massage, or crazy for stronger teasing, which is completely under your control! Through the clear ABS cylinder, you are allowed to observe how your tool get soothed, swelled, and fulfilled in the attractive water vortex. Not only that, this enhancer can also suck your tool with or without water. A total of 6 powerful sucking modes will make you realize how strong your dick can be! Don’t worry, thanks to the double donuts at the entrance, you will enjoy the most complete and effective penis exercise without water or air leakage. Moreover, the cylinder can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Please note that the black handle part cannot be washed directly under water flow.

N.B. When the sucking mode is activated (with water in the cylinder), the operating handle must be at the top, and the water injection volume must be kept below the water injection line, and the turbine should not be submerged by water. When in the water spa mode, the cylinder can be filled up with water, and it is forbidden to switch from the water spa mode to the sucking mode at this time.


Product size: 12 x 2.8”

Weight: 1.54lb

Material: ABS+TPE


Package included:
1 x penis pump

1 x charging cable

1 x manual

3 x donut

1 x meaty stroker-style sleeve(optional)

1 x auxiliary rod(optional)

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