5.7” 10 Vibrations Rough Glans Bumps Hollow Penis Sleeve


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  • Rough grain glans makes G-spot burst.
  • 7 bumps, increase massage intensity.
  • Realistic vein texture, increase visual impact.
  • 10 Vibrations, stimulate the clitoris.
  • Testicle ring, prolong ejaculation time.

This penis sleeve adds a whole new dimension to the traditional way of sex. After wearing it, the girth of your penis will increase instantly. This will make you very proud. The one who gets the most benefit is your partner. Large glans full of particles is very special, tease labia and glans when inserted, and then strongly massage G-spot in the deepest part to stimulate female?to reach orgasm quickly. 10 vibration frequency,?her private parts will become wet under its teasing. 7 striped bumps fully rub the vaginal wall every time thrust, and will unintentionally tease unknown sensitive spots in body. This is also a new challenge for you. Stretch the ring and trap your testicles. Slow down the blood flow rate and enjoy the passion for longer.

Material: Liquid silicone.

Length: 5.75″

Inner diameter: 1.18″

Package included:
1 x Penis Sleeve

1 x Vibrating Egg

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