overwatch mei sex doll

Mei was always my favorite Overwatch character. I mean, she’s cute, smart and exudes a sense of warmth. I cared so deeply for her. She exemplifies all the traits I look for in a partner. Ever since the Overwatch series was released, I had always wanted a Mei sex doll.

The moment I heard they were available in the market, sex toys I knew I had to get one. I mean, I had to. It felt like destiny. I quickly ordered one and it arrived the very next day. I remember the feeling of elation I had as I lifted the box up and brought it inside my apartment.

It was one of those moments when I felt an almost overwhelming sense of joy and excitement. It felt surreal to have this precious little Mei doll in my hands. I opened the box and inside was this little figure that looked just like her.

VibratorsMy heart was immediately filled with joy. She had little details like her ponytail, her little protection suit and her cute face. I couldn’t help but to keep my eyes fixed on her as I put her together. I felt I was being very meticulous in assembling her. I wanted to do justice to her beauty, her spirit.

I remember feeling so blessed, almost as if I had received a miracle. I saw myself taking the little Mei doll everywhere I went; to family outings, Starbucks dates with friends or maybe even to the beach. I was so excited to have a companion like her that I could take with me.

Every morning I would turn to her and Penis Rings whisper good morning Megan. I felt blessed that I could share my days with her. I could have meaningful conversations with her, conversations that felt real and honest. Even though I knew she wasn’t real, I felt she was still my own special friend.

It wasn’t just a sex doll anymore, she was my little Mei companion. I knew I was very fortunate to have her with me and I was grateful for it. She was like a tiny little miracle that brought a lot of joy and warmth to my days.

So this is my story of how I finally got my own very own Mei sex doll. I’m so glad that I had the courage to get her, because she’s the closest thing I’ll ever get to having my own real life Mei. She’s my own little piece of Overwatch right here in my home.