My best friend recently asked me about mango male masturbation and I was quite intrigued.​ I had never heard of it before, but the name alone was enough to spark my curiosity.​

“What is mango male masturbation?” I asked him.​ He proceeded to explain it to me, and I quickly began to appreciate just how special this practice was.​

Mango male masturbation is a type of sexual activity that is mostly enjoyed by ‘bears’ but also other men who enjoy this type of intimacy.​ Now, when I say ‘bears’, I’m referring to a particular type of man who identifies as having a more rugged and hairy body type.​

The practice itself is quite simple and extremely intimate.​ It involves the bear or the other man lightly caressing the Penis Rings and area around the testicles.​ This includes lightly tickling and stroking the area with the fingers, as well as applying gentle pressure with either the thumb or the tongue.​

By being extra sensitive and receptive to different types of sensations, the bear or the other man can quickly bring himself to a heightened state of pleasure.​ Not only can this type of activity help the man to pleasure himself, but it can also be used to pleasure another.​ This makes it a perfect activity for both solo and partnered enactments.​

I must admit, I never knew about this until recently and I must admit I’m quite intrigued by it.​ I’m not sure exactly how I can incorporate it into my sex life, but I could certainly see myself enjoying mango male masturbation with my partner.​ It’s a fun and intimate activity that I think could be great for both solo and partnered encounters.​

Talking with my best friend I found out some interesting information about mango male masturbation.​ It appears that the practice has been around since ancient times, and is popular amongst bears and other sexually adventurous men.​ Through my friend’s anecdotal evidence, I gathered that the practice is quite pleasurable, as it focuses on stimulating the entire penis and testicles area.​

It was also interesting to find out that mango male masturbation was not only practiced for pleasure, but also as a means of providing spiritual enlightenment.​ My best friend went on to explain that because mango male masturbation is so intimate, it provides a very private and special connection between partners.​ This connection is said to be incredibly powerful, taking them to a place of pleasure and heightened enlightenment, something that cannot be experienced through ordinary sexual encounters.​

I must say I am very impressed with the thought and sex dolls practice behind mango male masturbation.​ It’s such an intricate and unique concept, one that I think is definitely worth exploring.​ I would love to incorporate it into my sex life in some way, adding an extra layer of spice and passion to my bedroom encounters.​ Asking around, I’ve heard great things about mango male masturbation, including better orgasms, heightened pleasure and an improved connection between partners.​ What more could one want?