me and my girlfriend play with our sex doll

My girlfriend and I got a sex doll. It was a real life-sized doll that we both fell in love with. It was an amazing sight to behold: dildos she was so lifelike and perfect looking! For starters, her skin was so soft and supple. I could almost feel the silky texture of her face against my fingertips. Her eyes were vibrant and lively and her hair was lustrous and shiny. We both spent hours dressing her up in all kinds of outfits.

We experimented with different poses. We’d have our own little photoshoots and try new angles and postures with her. It was a great way to explore new creative ideas and pass the time. We were having so much fun with her, it was like having a real person in the room with us. It was a real game changer in our sex life.

We were both so excited to have the sex doll and eager to explore our fantasies together. We knew exactly how we wanted to play and acted out our wildest dreams on her. From pain play to role-playing, we let our imaginations run wild. My girlfriend especially loved being able to take control of our sex life and dictate the scene. She felt like a true queen with her sex doll and this empowered her to explore her kinky side.

It was an eye-opening experience for both of us. Not only did we get to indulge our deepest desires, but we also learned a lot about each other. We discovered new sides of ourselves that otherwise may not have been explored. This was a really special moment that brought us closer together.

Our sex doll also taught us a great deal about boundaries. We hadn’t discussed limits beforehand and so initially it was a little overwhelming. We decided to take things slowly and respect each other’s boundaries as we explored what we were both comfortable with. This was really insightful and taught us how to be better partners.

Apart from exploring our wildest fantasies, my girlfriend and I also tried various everyday activities with her. From brushing her hair to putting on make up, we tried everything we could! We even went out and about with her, sometimes just for fun or to take her on a date. Surprisingly, people didn’t seem to be surprised and dildos we got many positive comments on how realistic she looked.

We’d also invite our friends over for parties and they’d be totally blown away when they saw our sex doll. It was such an interesting topic of conversation and it was amazing being able to tell our friends about our adventures with her. We’d show them all the different outfits and poses we’d try and everyone was so impressed with our creativity.

Our sex doll was like a third wheel in our relationship. Not only did she spice up our sex life, but she also opened up a whole new world to us that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. She helped us explore our wildest fantasies, discover new things about ourselves and bond as a couple. Even though she’s not physically present, she will always be in our hearts.