Masturbation is one of the most intimate and enjoyable experiences a man can have, and best methods for male masturbation yield the most pleasure.​ One of the best ways to enjoy it is with toys.​ But for those of us who don’t want to get too fancy, there are still tried and true methods that can bring a man to his pleasure peak.​

First, make sure you are in a comfortable arrangement.​ Whether that means taking a warm bath or shower with a nice, inviting scent, or spreading out on the bed with a cozy blanket, set up a space that you want to relax in.​ Dim the lights and turn on some nice music.​ Then, start your slow build up.​ Gently caress yourself, starting from the top of your head and slowly making your way down your body.​ Softly squeeze and massage your shoulders and chest, and stroke your thighs and lower legs.​ Run your hands up and down your Penis Rings, increasing the pressure and speed as your arousal grows.​ Notice how it feels when you lightly or tightly grip your penis, or swirl your grip around the head or shaft.​

The next important thing to pay attention to is your breathing.​ Take slow, even breaths and relax any tension in your body.​ Focus on the pleasure you are creating, letting your full attention be devoted to it.​ This helps draw out your experience and make it last longer.​ With your eyes shut, create mental images of whatever fantasies turn you on.​ This is a great way to get your juices flowing and take you to the height of stimulation.​ Once you get to your peak, you may want to focus on pressing and holding a spot near the base of your penis in order to extend the pleasure and delay the climax.​

If you want to heighten the intensity of your orgasm, try PC muscle exercises.​ These pelvic floor exercises help build muscle strength and control, allowing you to, in essence, have more control over when your climax occurs.​ To perform this type of exercise, simply stand or sit, and contract the same muscles you use to stop urination midstream.​ Squeeze these muscles tightly for three seconds, and then relax them for three seconds.​ Do this for about five minutes, three times a day.​

You can also use fantasy to take you over the edge.​ Whether you imagine yourself with a particular person, place, or thing, bask in the pleasure of this mental image and let yourself take it as far as you want.​ Living out fantasies like this can be an extremely effective way to get to the point of no return.​

Experimenting with male masturbation methods can be fun and help spice up your solo life.​ Try stimulating different parts of your body for out-of-the-ordinary stimulation.​ Run water over your nipples or caress your stomach and inner-thighs.​ Homemade sex toys might sound intimidating, but they can be as simple as a banana or other vegetables.​ Experiment! Make it an adventure.​

You can also reach out to your friends with similar interests and ask for tips and tricks to last longer, satisfy more intensely, or get to the next level.​ If any of them have used specific products, ask what they are and how effective they were.​ Online forums are a great way to access other men’s stories and tips without potential judgment or bias when asking these types of questions.​

Of course, the best way to learn is to experiment and find out what works for you.​ Make sure the goal is pleasure and satisfaction, no matter how long it takes to get there.​ Above all, enjoy the journey!