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Cock Rings 101: The Screaming O, Ring O, RitzI was excited to hear that there was a new website dedicated to male masturbation, Penis Rings and I knew I had to check it out.​ NewTumbl was born out of the idea that everyone should feel welcome to express their masturbatory desires, without judgement or shame.​

When I first logged on, I was pleasantly surprised.​ The site was inviting and well-designed, with its sleek colors and easy navigation.​ It didn’t take me long to find myself exploring the many facets of this new community.​ I was able to read stories from others who had similar experiences, and I found some interesting tips to help me explore my own masturbation experience.​

The best part of NewTumbl was the conversations I had with other users.​ Everyone was so supportive and willing to share their own experiences and advice.​ I felt like I was part of a great group of like-minded individuals who weren’t afraid to talk openly about masturbation.​ I had a few amazing conversations about how to integrate masturbation into my lifestyle, the benefits of masturbation, and the ways that different techniques or tools could enhance the experience.​

I was delighted to find that the website was full of helpful advice and information.​ There were educational articles that helped me learn about different male masturbation techniques, as well as advice on how to make masturbation more pleasurable.​ The downloads section gave me access to a variety of tools that could help improve my experience, dildos such as lubricants, arousal balms, and massage oils.​

No matter what I was into, or what questions I had, I knew I could always turn to NewTumbl for support and information.​ I felt comfortable concluding that this website was a safe and inclusive space for male masturbatory exploration and self-care.​

The next time I wanted to explore masturbation, I knew exactly where to turn – NewTumbl.​ It gave me access to a great community of people that had a similar goal – to have an enjoyable and pleasurable masturbation experience.​ I felt so supported, and it made me excited to explore and learn more about my own body and masturbation experiences.​

The first time I tried something new with my masturbation sessions was with the help of NewTumbl.​ I used the educational articles to guide me on a new journey of exploration.​ I was scared at first, but in the end I was so pleased with the results.​ I had never even thought about incorporating sound into my masturbation sessions, but it was one of the best decisions I ever made.​ The sounds gave me a profound sense of pleasure that I had never experienced before.​ I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been exploring more creative masturbation techniques before.​

Something else I found helpful was the variety of tools.​ As I said, I was able to access to various lubricants, arousal balms, and massage oils.​ I used these for enhanced sensations during my masturbation sessions, and they truly made a world of difference.​ I felt like I was in a completely different place, and it was a unique and thrilling experience.​

I was also able to use some of the educational articles to create fantasy scenarios when I felt like I was becoming bored with my typical routine.​ I tried a variety of things, and each one added a new level of sensation and intensity to my session.​ I even used some of the advice I had been given by other users.​

The tips and advice I’ve received from NewTumbl have been invaluable.​ It’s helped me to become more self-aware and comfortable with exploring new sensations.​ I don’t think I would have the confidence I have today with my masturbation sessions without NewTumbl.​ It’s truly opened up new doors for me, and I’m grateful for the opportunity it has provided.​