male anal masturbation how to

I’m pretty sure pretty much all guys have at least thought about male anal masturbation.​ I mean, it’s just another way for a man to pleasure himself right?

Well, after some research on the matter, I discovered that it can actually be quite an enjoyable experience.​ Here’s a few tips for trying it out.​

First, make sure to have the right supplies.​ Lube is key, and sex toys make sure it’s the kind formulated specifically for anal sex.​ Also, depending on what kind of sensation you’re going for, consider buying specialty toys like vibrators or butt plugs.​

Next, prepare your mind and your body.​ Take your time, since there’s no rush.​ Start by taking slow, deep breaths to relax and get relaxed.​ From there, decide on a pleasurable position for your body.​ According to experts, hands and knees tends to be the most comfortable and convenient pose.​

Now, listen to your body and what it’s telling you.​ Start with a warmup first — try using the pads of your fingers in a massaging motion and explore the area around your anus and the entrance to your rectum.​ Find your own comfortable pace, and see if you can start to focus on your pleasure.​ You may also want to incorporate some lubrication.​

Once you’ve found a rhythm that works for you, try to explore different forms of stimulation.​ Try different kinds of strokes, pressure, and speeds to see what you like best.​ Experiment with your toys if you have any.​ Remember to always go slow and listen to your own body — if something doesn’t feel good, adjust accordingly.​

Finally, when you’re finished, make sure to clean up the area and take your time coming down from the experience.​ Spend a few minutes taking deep, calming breaths and allowing your body to relax.​ And if you have any aftercare rituals that make you feel good—here’s your chance to practice them.​

So far, that’s all I’ve learned about male anal masturbation.​ It’s definitely something to try.​.​if you haven’t already!

But after my first-hand experience, I realized that the how-to isn’t everything.​ Once you’re into it, there’s still a lot to figure out.​

For example, if you’re planning on having anal sex with a partner, the importance of communication is critical.​ Talk it through beforehand, and make sure you both feel comfortable.​ It’s also a good idea to use protection if you’re engaging in anal play, and to know the risks associated with it.​

And, before you go all in, check in with yourself.​ It’s important to explore and understand your reasons behind wanting to have anal sex.​ Is it because you want to explore new sensations, out of curiosity, or because someone else wants you to? Only engage in activities you feel comfortable with.​

I found out that understanding the basics of anal sex is important and that it’s normal to be a little intimidated if you’re new to it.​ If you take the time to research and become informed, you can make your experience more enjoyable.​

An unintended benefit of my experience was that it made me more mindful of my body.​ Taking the time to explore what feels good to me was an enjoyable experience.​ I also realize that everyone’s journey is different, and we should unapologetically do what feels right for us.​

Most importantly, I learned that open communication, lubing up, and taking things slow are the most important components of anal play.​ Oh, and don’t forget the toys! They can really take things to the next level.​

It is also important to show respect for your partner, by engaging in activities that makes them feel both mentally and physically comfortable.​ It’s also important to remember that consent should be given and respected in any type of physical intimacy.​

It also helps to experiment in different positions because it increases the access to different areas of pleasure.​ You can also use toys to stimulate different areas around the anus.​ Some areas are very sensitive, while other areas are not very sensitive, so it’s important to take your time and explore what feels good.​

Overall, when it comes to pleasure during anal play, it’s important to be mindful of what the body is saying.​ Listen to your body and pay attention to the signals it’s sending.​ Your body will let you know what it likes and doesn’t like—so trust it, and enjoy the experience!