I’ve recently heard of an amazing photography trend that is quickly taking over worldwide: sex dolls for photography. Yes, you heard that right! These lifelike dolls are being used for photo shoots of all kinds! There’s something about this trend that really caught my attention – and I thought it just had to be shared.

It all began when I stumbled upon an Instagram account showing breathtaking images of a sex doll used for a fashion shoot. She was posed in a graceful position in the looks of a classic ballet tutu. On the side of the photo it even read, “The concept of using sex dolls for photography came out of our belief that all body types, ages, genders, shapes and sizes are beautiful in front of the camera.” That really hit me.

At first I was so taken away by the beauty of the images that I failed to realize the deeper meaning behind the scenes. We’re taught to worship beauty and perfection; I, for one, dildos always strive to look, act, and be perfect in the eyes of those around me. Having a sex doll being used as a model in a fashion shoot made me realize that you couldn’t get more perfect than a doll. It’s a reminder that it’s not only okay, but encouraged to be different – you don’t have to fit into society’s ideals.

Understandably, some photographers are doubtful about this trend. They just don’t understand how a sex doll can be used for something more than just a sexual aid. But, once they get to know more about this trend, they’re surprised by the stories told through the images. Many photographers have reported feeling inspired by the confidence and uniqueness that they get from a sex doll model, which is something that is hard to achieve with a human model. Plus, unlike working with human models, you don’t have to worry about scheduling, lack of professionalism, and a disagreement of who will receive what from the shoot.

Using sex dolls for photography isn’t a new trend, and it looks like it is here to stay. There’s something about having a perfectly posed doll that just allows photographers to capture incredible images every time. From actors to models and everyday people, it’s awesome to think that sex dolls can be used in such unique and creative ways.

On top of that, creating stories through fashion photography has become a really popular way to make an interesting and unique statement. With the use of sex dolls, photographers can explore different ways of expressing and relating to a story.

At its core, the concept of using sex dolls for creative photography is really inspiring and reminds us that beauty isn’t all about perfect bodies, clothes, and make up. It’s about expressing the stories within us and finding a way to make it visible to the whole world.

Shoots involving sex dolls can also be used to bring awareness to certain topics or social issues, explore the boundaries of gender roles, vibrators or even bring more attention to non-sexual movements. For example, a sex doll shoot can tackle topics related to identity, the influence of technology, and other important questions surrounding our society.

All in all, I’m so fascinated by what can be accomplished when the conventional methods of photographic shoots are set aside. The world of fashion photography looks pretty different when you start incorporating sex dolls – and I promise, it’s a world worth exploring.