It’s a question I get asked a lot – are large dildos better than small ones? I was interested in the answer so I did a bit of research. To be honest, I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It all comes down to what you like and what feels good to you.

I’m sure most of us have felt a bit intimidated when we see the size of some of these giant dildos. But, there’s a few reasons why you might want to give them a go. Firstly, they can really give you a fuller feeling and can even tap into your g-spots if you have one. And they can be great for couples play too, as the extra length and width can add a whole different level of pleasure.

Plus, if you’re someone who likes a bit of a thrill, playing with larger dildos can be a great way to feel super naughty. There’s nothing like that moment when you bring out a giant dildo and you get the full length of it inside you. Trust me, it’s exhilarating!

Looking for a bit of variety? Some large dildos even come in different textures and colors so you can mix things up from time to time. The Curve has a range of larger dildos with a range of different head shapes too, which you’ll struggle to find in smaller sizes.

Not all large dildos are created equally though. When shopping for a bigger dildo, it’s really important to make sure you get one made of a high-quality, non-toxic material. The last thing you want is for your dildo to harbor bacteria or cause irritation.

We all have different reasons for wanting to try different sex toys, and large dildos can be great if size matters to you. It’s important to experiment and explore what works for your own experience. Don’t be afraid to give large dildos a go – you might surprise yourself!

I’ve been experimenting with larger dildos and also researching different brands for some time now. Their range is huge. Some are clitoral stimulators, some are for anal, some for vaginal and some for double-gasm.

The Tantus Curve is my favorite so far. It offers a combination of size, texture and shapes. The head gets in deep and gives a nice sensation, while the shape of the toy means you can also explore different angles while you use it. It is a great for play by yourself or with a partner.

I also like sportsheets for larger dildos. They are an overall great brand with nice silicone dildos, with some colors and textures to choose from. Their longer dildos are particularly impressive.

There are so many great large dildos out there and they all have different features. If you’re looking to invest in a larger dildo, try some out and see which ones are the most comfortable for you. You can’t go wrong with a quality brand like Tantus or Sportsheets.

In short, a large dildo is certainly something to consider if you want a fuller sensation and if size matters to you. They’re great for exploring different angles for greater pleasure and can be used solo or with a partner. An investment in a high-quality, non-toxic material is key.

I have also found great fun with larger glass dildos. This material provides more focused vibrations and incredible pressure when inserted. Some glass dildos can even be cooled in the refrigerator for a totally new experience.

In my experience with larger dildos, I’ve used different lubricants. Water-based lubricants work very well as they evaporate after use and are safe to use with all materials. If you’re trying out toys made of silicone, then a good quality oil-based lubricant is a must. It helps slide the toy in easier and also prevents the silicone from sticking to your skin.

Finally, it’s always important to clean your toys after use. In terms of larger dildos its especially important to sterilize your toys correctly. For materials like silicone or glass, you can use warm water and soap, or a sex toy cleaner.

To summarize, large dildos can give a fuller sensation and tap into your g-spots. They can be great for couples play or for a bit of naughty play. When shopping for a large dildo, it’s important to make sure you get a high-quality, non-toxic material. The Tantus Curve and Sportsheets are great brands for large dildos, as well as larger glass dildos. Water or oil-based lubricants also go a long way when using larger dildos. Just remember to clean your toys after each use, as this will help prevent any bacteria or irritation.