I’m so excited my new sex doll carrying case finally arrived – it’s so sleek it almost looks like I’m transporting a musical instrument! I remember seeing this exact one in the store and being awestruck. I was so eager to get it that I spent what felt like an hour in the checkout line. I couldn’t believe the craftsmanship of the case that the store worker was raving about.

160cm High Quality Life Size Realistic Full Solid Silicone Love Dolls,Real Lifelike sex doll ...Opening the box, the first thing I noticed was the distinct smell of genuine leather. I was struck with wonder how the manufacturer was able to shape the curves and edges so perfectly. As I looked on, I was fully aware of the subtle warmth of the fabric that had been designed to protect the fragile contents within the case. The handle was just the right size for my hand and the wheels were perfectly aligned for easy movement.

I gently opened the clasps, revealing the interior of the case that was lined with eggshell white velvet to protect from dust and scratches. The pockets on the inside were lined with glass, so any volatile components my sex doll has inside would remain secure. I was impressed with the number of compartments and the quality of the lining.

My eyes were also drawn to the black buckles that gave the whole case an extra layer of security. I strapped each closed with a heavy duty combination lock – I wasn’t taking any chances of airport personnel getting a glimpse of what I was transporting. The combination clasps and reinforced edges just screamed quality. This was a token of no ordinary suitcase, and I, vibrators the proud owner of a supreme transport of luxury and examinations of craftsmanship.

And Penis Rings with just one moving of my hand, I was able to carry the goodness and joy of my sex doll with me wherever I go. Already, I am looking forward to journey and all the adventures that will come with it!