I recently heard about a new craze that shocked me. It’s a human sex doll – an android designed to look and act like a real person and perfectly fulfilling the needs and desires of a partner. I was appalled, but at the same time a little bit curious about it.

I began my research by looking into the process of creating the doll, and vibrators it is truly remarkable. It starts with the selection of a prototype – which is a lifelike mount created out of a material that is very similar to human skin. Then, the female body is designed, and a variety of touches and movements are programmed into it.

Next, the doll is fitted with a voice box and programmed with a range of expressions that make it look and feel more real. The level of customization of the artificial intelligence of the doll is incredible – you even have the ability to choose its hairstyle and eye colour.

After hearing all this, I was quite amazed. But then, I asked myself; why would someone want to have a doll for companionship? It seems like a step back from real people relationships and even relationships with animals.

The answer I got from doing some more research is that people are feeling lonely and don’t have a partner or access to a real relationship, they are using the dolls as a source of comfort and solace.

Another thing that I found was that the dolls are surprisingly expensive, and difficult to maintain – irrespective of how lifelike they may appear. A human sex doll typically costs several thousand dollars, and Penis Rings replacements parts can be hard to find. Add to that the cost of insurance, repairs, and even cleaning the doll and you are looking at a considerable financial investment.

So that’s why I’m intrigued by this particular craze – although I don’t think I would ever invest in one myself. I understand that it can provide companionship, but it seems there are many factors to consider before making such an investment. What do you think?