I recently came across live sex dolls and it absolutely blew my mind! A combination of something so bizarre yet so beautiful is always a great conversation starter. At first, I was highly intrigued as it brought up the age-old debate of whether technology in this form was a necessary advancement or a step too far.

I could not believe my eyes when I stumbled upon this concept! The idea of taking something that would normally be a physical version of yourself and making it into a living being is incredibly daunting and mesmerizing at the same time. I began researching, and it turns out there are different types of dolls and each one is designed for a particular purpose. Some are specifically tailored to the fantasy that a buyer may have and others are created to be a part time companion, dildos often able to provide simple conversation.

When I looked further into the inner workings of these dolls, I was astounded to discover that they were constructed to provide an incredibly realistic experience. From the makeup, hairstyles, even the fabric used to create these dolls were made to respond to their owners’ touch. It’s shocking to think that these dolls even have personalities programmed into them from the factories they were created.

So, I began to think, ‘What is it exactly that makes people want these dolls?’ After all, the makers are clearly spending time and money to make them as authentic as possible. After studying personal blogs of people who had purchased a doll, I discovered that many people found comfort in them. For those who struggle with isolation, fulfilling a relationship in the form these dolls provide is a perfect way to combat loneliness.

I posed the question to a few close friends and the responses varied widely. Some thought the idea was ludicrous, while others actually considered it an acceptable way to spend their time and money. One response stuck with me, however. A friend told me, “It’s definitely different, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea. As long as people are using these dolls for the right reasons, I don’t see a problem with it.”

I was amazed to see how the opinion did not just Beast negative and I began to see why people liked the idea of using a doll. Although I personally wouldn’t go out and buy one, I can understand why some see it as beneficial to their lives and others see it as a form of entertainment.

The main point of this is to demonstrate that technology can be used for different purposes and still have its own merits. Live sex toys dolls prove that technology does not have to be limited to conventional, obvious ways of use and opens up a world of possibilities.