how to use a satisfyer partner sex toy

I was so excited when I heard about the new Satisfyer Partner Sex Toy. I couldn’t believe one toy could deliver so much pleasure, and it was something I felt I had to try!

The best vibrators | EngadgetI found myself a willing partner, and we set up a time to use this awesome toy together. My partner and I set aside quality time together, in a romantic and setting to make the experience memorable. As we carefully followed the instructions, we applied a few drops of water-based lubricant to the Satisfyer which allowed for easier glide and to activate the best sensations.

Once the Satisfyer was good to go, we lay together with the toy placed perfectly over my most sensitive areas. As we began to press the button, the amazing vibrations began and we both were taken to new levels of pleasure. It was a remarkable experience for us both as the vibrations were intense but gentle enough to provide the desired stimulation. We worked our way through the various settings, from gentle swirls to powerful and intense rumbles. With every press of the button, we discovered a new kind of pleasure.

My partner and I loved the power of the Satisfyer sex toy. We felt that it complemented our most intimate moments perfectly, as the vibrations added something new and exciting to our experience. Whenever we use this toy it always adds an exotic and sensual appeal to an otherwise plain sex routine.

The Satisfyer was able to provide various levels of sensation that ranged from extreme to mild, which ensured that both my partner and I were able to experiment and find out what we both individually like. The satisfaction of being able to select the level of pleasure that was right for us was very satisfying.

The main thing I enjoy about the Satisfyer Partner Sex Toy is that it can be used in multiple pleasurable ways. We often use it as a prelude to intercourse, dildos with me on top and the Satisfyer providing clitoral stimulation, or with me laying flat and my partner controlling the vibrations from behind. It can also be used for solo play, with the vibrations providing the perfect aid to masturbation.

The Satisfyer adds a thrilling twist to sex that neither my partner nor I imagined would be possible. The sensations range from gentle swirls to maximum pleasure, and it’s effortless to manoeuvre and control. There are no complicated procedures to understand, so even if it’s your first time experimenting with a toy like this, it’s a breeze to use.

The Satisfyer, Penis Rings and its special vibrating capabilities, has allowed us to expand our repertoire of sexual activities drastically. We are always delighted to try something new and are constantly amazed by the way the Satisfyer intensifies our most intimate moments together. With its level of intensity, one can easily experience a climax in no time.

After using the Satisfyer for the first time, it quickly became a regular part of our sex life and is often the start of an exciting night together. As the Satisfyer is so lightweight and easy to use, it can be used as part of foreplay activities and we frequently take it out on our adventures together.

Using the Satisfyer Partner Sex Toy has opened up a world of sensual possibilities for us. We now find ourselves always wanting more and as a result, our relationship has become even more intimate. With its multiple levels of stimulation, it allows us to get creative and explore new sensations. Its fun, easy and is definitely an experience that will stay with us forever.