how to use a penis pump and restriction band

Well, the use of Penis Rings pumps and restriction bands have been around for awhile and I’m here to share with my friend my experience with them.​ To be honest, I was incredibly nervous the first time.​ I mean, the idea of straps and pumps just seemed far-fetched.​ I mean, there has to be something I’m missing here, right?

But then I think to myself, ‘what the heck, I’ve got nothing to lose’.​ So, I take the plunge and purchase the pump.​ As I unbox all the pieces for the first time, it’s like I’m looking at a puzzle; the cylindrical contraption, the long hose, the restriction bands, and the manual, all these pieces just seem to be waiting to be linked together, but in what way?

This or That: C-RingsAfter a few minutes of puzzling and a few sessions of Youtube tutorials, I have begun to understand the setup.​ So I try to set it all up and nervously, with trembling hands, I fill up the cylinder with water.​ Now the real testing begins!

I loop a restriction band around the base of my penis and slide the top of the cylinder securely over the band.​ Then, I start pumping.​ Unexpectedly, all the air is taken in rapidly and within seconds, my penis feels like it’s expanding.​ It feels weird, and after a few minutes I realise it’s doing its job.​

So, I release the pressure and take off the band and cylinder.​ I examine the results and I’m pretty delighted.​ I mean, I’m no doctor, but from what I can tell, my penis feels bigger, girthier and more energetic.​

Additionally, I wonder if the pump was doing something for my confidence and self-esteem as well.​ After all, I was nervous, but now I was feeling positive, powerful and in control.​

My penis pump experience really made an impression on me.​ So I continued to use the pump.​ I started to experiment with the different restriction bands and how that changed the pumping results.​ I also delved a little into the science behind the pump and how the vacuum works to draw blood into the penis to give it a bigger and longer erection.​

Now I’m no longer scared of the pumps.​ In fact, I’ve found them to have a very calming effect on me now.​ I don’t use them as often as I used to, but it’s still great to have them around when I need an extra boost.​

Next, I started to focus on my exercise.​ For my routine, I use the Kegel exercises.​ It took some practice and discipline but now that I have mastered them, the activity has become both enjoyable and beneficial.​ It helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to make sure that when I do use the pump, I can hold the vacuum for as long as possible.​

I started to create longer workouts which have proven to be way more efficient.​ Not only do I feel better, but I’m able to achieve better and more effective results with the pump.​

Also, I have noticed that while using the different restriction bands, it is important to not over-tighten them.​ If you over-tighten them you could be cutting off blood flow, making the pump less effective; this could result in possible damage.​ So, be sure not to make them too tight.​

Also, I’ve noticed that the longer you hold the vacuum, the more efficient it is.​ I’ve also learned that having a cool down period is important to prevent Penis Rings damage and help it return to its original size.​

Finally, I have become aware of the need for patience.​ Results will vary from person to person and some patience is needed.​ However, with regular use you will soon begin to see the results.​ The best way to see results is by being consistent with your routine and being aware of warning signs and symptoms.​

Furthermore, I keep up with any progress that I’m making.​ I make sure to take note of my progress so that I won’t miss any improvements.​ Finally, I refer back to my original goal to determine if and when I have reached them.​

On the whole, penis pumps and restriction bands have opened up an entirely new experience for me and have been incredibly beneficial to my lifestyle.​ It shared with me many new and beneficial tips and tricks that I’ll keep close to my heart.​ All in all, I’m very happy that I took that plunge!