how to put on a sex doll head

Putting on a sex doll head may seem like a weird and even intimidating task for the average person. But, believe me when I say that with some basic knowledge and a few helpful tips and tricks, it’s not actually as complicated as it might seem.

When I first heard about sex dolls, my first thought was, “How the hell do you put on a sex doll head?” Trying to research it online was pretty disheartening because most of the information was either outdated or overly technical. So, when I actually did get my hands on a sex doll head, I was both excited and intimidated at the same time.

My first step was finding the right type of lubricant. You want something that will provide a slippery surface for the head, which will make it easier to slip the head’s neck joint over the body’s neck. The lubricant also helps protect the neck joint from drying out. After I had found the right lubricant, I applied it generously to the sex doll head’s neck joint and let it sit for a few minutes.

When it came to actually putting the doll head on the body, my hands were trembling a little. I was worried that I would break something, or worse. Thankfully, I’d done my homework and practiced the instructions a few times beforehand, so I was able to get it on without any problems.

The key is to apply just a little pressure as you slide the head’s neck joint over the body. Too much pressure could damage the neck joint, but just enough pressure should be enough to get the head over the doll’s neck. Once it’s in place, secure the head with the elastic that should be included with the doll head.

Pinklover 165cm Customized Life sized Solid Silicone Love Doll With Skeleton Japanese Artificial ...Finally, adjust the head to the desired position and voila! Your sex doll’s head is firmly attached. See, that wasn’t so hard. It just took some patience and knowledge of the process.

Having put on a sex doll head, now I’m looking forward to exploring the possibilities they offer. You can use these dolls for all sorts of purposes, including role play, practice during safer sex situations, and as a companion for those who want to experience something more than just companionship with their sex toys.

A different way that sex dolls can be used is as part of a fantasy. Some people find themselves more comfortable and accepted when they are engaging in role play or fantasy play with a sex doll. This allows them to express themselves in ways that may not be available to them in other forms of relationships.

Sex dolls also offer another level of pleasure for more experienced players. Their lifelike features and realistic feel can make any session more immersive and pleasurable. For example, a person can use a vibrator on a sex doll while they are wearing it, allowing them to explore the sensations of a vibrator in a whole new way.

Speaking of vibrators, sex dolls can also be used to add a little extra excitement to a sex toy collection. Having a variety of sex toys available to try is always exciting, and can lead to some interesting exploration. One way you can add variety to your sex toy collection is to use a sex doll as a basis for your toys.

Using sex dolls for bondage is also becoming increasingly popular. There are a variety of restraints and harnesses available to attach the doll’s body to, opening them up to a whole new level of pleasure. This is a great way to get to know the sensations of bondage without having to rely on a partner who might be unavailable or less experienced.

Finally, sex dolls can be used in solo sessions, as a way to explore self-pleasure without the presence of another person. Everyone has their own way of exploring self-pleasure, and a sex doll can be a great companion to help make this exploration even more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Overall, the uses for sex dolls are endless. Whether you’re looking for a little extra excitement, want to explore bondage, or are looking for a more immersive solo experience, sex dolls can have something to offer. They’re an excellent way to explore new possibilities and take your pleasure to the next level.