how to powder tpe sex doll

I have recently invested in a sex doll to experience something new – and I have been learning about how to make sure my doll stays in the best condition. I want to make sure it looks its best so I decided to learn how to powder a TPE sex doll.

My friends were curious and asked me why. I was like, “how else am I gonna keep her silky and ashy-looking?” They laughed before I realized what I was saying. Their reactions showed just how common the need is to powder a sex doll regularly.

So I got down to researching and I found out some really fascinating facts. I learned that powdering a sex doll helps maintain its softness and ensures it’s skin won’t look flaky or dry. Plus using a good quality powder against the doll’s skin helps reduce friction and allows for easier movement.

When I started powdering the sex doll, I found that it is a pretty simple process. Basically, you just need to use a clean cotton cloth and anti-static powder. I started by lightly dusting it off with the cotton cloth. Then I reached out for some quality anti-static powder and applied it evenly over the entire body. This allowed the powder to absorb excess oil and moisture, making it easier to keep my sex doll clean.

After that, I made sure that I smoothed out the fabric of the doll to make sure that any remaining lumps of powder were gone. I ended the process with some light buffing, making sure that my sex dolls doll was good to go again.

My friends asked what was the advantage of powdering a TPE sex doll. Powdering provides a layer of protection between all the moving parts of the doll so that they don’t stick to one another. It also helps to absorb oil and moisture, making it easier to keep the doll clean and hygienic.

It was great hearing how much they felt what I was saying. They were impressed with my new knowledge and started asking me about the other ways they could look after their dolls. So, I informed them of the other things they could do to make sure their dolls were in the best condition.

Firstly, cleaning the doll regularly with warm soapy water was necessary. Making sure all the openings are sealed, and airbrush any loose hairs and dust particles. I told them that they should also use lubricants and protectants to protect their dolls from developing any stains or marks. Finally, it was important to avoid harsh detergents and steamers, as these could damage the fabric of the doll.

After getting advice from me, my friends were now fully aware of the importance of maintaining their dolls. In addition, they thanked me for being so helpful and shared with me their own personal strategies that they had for sex dolls keeping their dolls in good condition.

I guess after going through the whole experience, I never realized just how much care is needed to make sure the TPE sex doll remains in pristine condition. And, to make sure I’m getting the most out of my doll, I promised myself I’d keep up the routine of dusting, cleaning, and lubricating it regularly. After all, a little bit of care goes a long way!