how much lube for sex toy reddit

I recently started using sex toys and have been searching for advice on how much lube I should use. In the process of looking I stumbled across Reddit. It turns out the Reddit community has an amazing wealth of information on all sexual topics and can be an amazing resource for those looking to learn more.

12 Vibrating Adult Oral Mouth Tongue Vibrators Clitoris Stimulator Vibrator Sex Products G Spot ...When it came to the issue of lube and sex toys, I found people clamoring back-and-forth over how much is enough. Coming from a personal perspective, I found it quite amusing as to how heated some of the conversations got. There seemed to be a variety of opinions on the matter, which I welcome as there is no one size fits all answer when it comes to sexual pleasure.

One group of Redditors proposed that lubricant should only be used up to the point that it is necessary. This approach is especially useful if you are only planning to use the toy for a short period of time. The logic behind this argument is that lube lowers friction which can increase pleasure while also lowering the possibility of the toy irritating the skin.

On the flip side, a different group of Redditors argued that lube should be applied with plenty of abundance. This approach is optimized mainly for extended usage and allows for the longest and most pleasurable experience. It also greatly reduces the possibility of troublesome issues like chafing and other skin irritations.

Based off what I read, I was starting to understand how it can be confusing to decide how much lube should be used on a sex toy. I found a great suggestion from another Redditor that suggested creating lube trails. This is where lube is placed in specific locations down the toy, allowing for more lube to be applied to sensitive parts and more pleasure in that area.

Moreover, I looked up some extra information on the impact of lube on sex toys. What I found is that lube can be great for temporary skin defensive against material irritants, but it can also be destructive to silicone sex toys in the long term due to the corrosive nature of the material.

I came out of my Reddit investigation feeling well informed and confident in my abilities to find out how much lube for sex toys. While I still struggle sometimes, I know how to make the best decision for vibrators me.

Now, in terms of choosing what kind of lube to use with a sex toy, it turns out that water-based lube is the safest option overall. It is suitable for use with latex and most sex toy materials, especially silicone and rubber. Water-based lube is also safe for vaginal and anal use and can be washed off easily; so no worries about leaving residue behind.

I personally like to keep a hybrid lube on hand. It’s a mix of water-based and silicone lube, and I find that it gives me the benefits of both types. That said, it’s a bit more expensive than just water-based lube and usually does not last as long. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoy its slickness and added protection for my sensitive skin.

In regards to flavored lube, it is best to stay away from lubricants that contain sugar. Not only are they much stickier than simple water-based lubes but sugar-based lubricant can also potentially throw off your delicate PH balance, leading to a host of discomfort and issues down the line.

If you are looking for an experience that brings pleasure and minimal mess, consider purchasing a fun flavored lube designed specifically for sex toys. They are formulated to be water-based and free of high levels of sugars and other chemicals that can potentially damage the toy. The best part is that many come in cute containers and can add a little whimsy to your playtime.

There are literally hundreds of lube options out there, so it can feel daunting trying to find the best fit for you. When in doubt, it’s best to go to your local sex shop and get advice from an expert! It’s worth it to make sure that you use lube that is designed to be compatible with the material of your toys, and vibrators that respects the delicate balance of your body.