how do you insert 2 dildos in mans ass

Hi friend,

Have you ever heard of the ancient practice of inserting two dildos into an man’s ass? Now I’m not sure, I can just imagine the shock and horror of my family if they heard me speaking about such a practice. Being quite honest, it stirs in me a feeling of both astonishment and admiration. Astonishment as to why would anyone want to put themselves through such an experience and admiration for those bold and daring enough to even think about it.

Of course, it takes more than just a little bit of curiosity – to master this particular sexual practice you would need a lot of practice and the right sort of preparation. To begin with, it involves the acquisition of two appropriate dildos; neither of them should be too large or too small. You must take into account the size of your hole before selecting the right dildo. Once you have the right dildos, the next step is to insert them safely. Start by forcing one dildo into your anus very slowly and carefully before adding the second one.

I do have some advice to offer if this endeavor is something you are interested in: understand your limits – no matter how much you prepare, there is a good chance of experiencing pain. This is why it is essential to use lubrication. The lubrication will minimize the risk of tearing or bleeding. At the same time, be sure to take things slowly and make sure to communicate with your partner regularly.

Now, it may seem like a daunting task, but this practice is quite far from mysterious. Rather, it takes patience, knowledge, and practice. With the right sort of preparation and your own courage, inserting two dildos into an ass is an incredibly exciting practice – something that can add a whole new dimension to anal play.

The absolute key to the success of this endeavor is to maintain a steady rhythm. Taking your time, each dildo should be inserted slowly and gingerly. It is important to breathe deeply as you push them in, and focus on keeping your muscles relaxed.

As for the actual sensation that 2 dildos will generate in an anal cavity, words cannot do justice to fully capture the complexity of the experience. It is almost a form of meditation – you need to be aware of the pressure and tension that the anal muscles are feeling. Sometimes, depending on your level of arousal and practice, you will be able to feel the dildos moving in and out, stimulating the walls of the cavity. Visualizing the dildos sliding in and out of you will also serve to enhance the experience.

To maximize the pleasure of this practice, you may also choose to add in other activities such as manual stimulation or even using a vibrator on the outside. This will depend on your preference and comfort level; just make sure that if you are introducing any extra elements, you communicate clearly with your partner.