how common are sex toys

Waterproof Glass VibratorI have to admit, I had never really considered sex toys. I wondered how common they are and recently found out some interesting information. Obviously, it is an awkward conversation to have, but sex toys are becoming more mainstream, and the sooner we can all have open conversations about it the better!

Firstly, the thought of sex toys can raise a lot of eyebrows, but it turns out that they have been around for centuries. In ancient Greece practitioners believed in the power of sexual healing, as far back as 2,500 years ago they were playing with phalluses shaped objects and using them for sexual pleasure.

Secondly, since then the items and devices used around sex have only grown more complex, and at this current point in time there are far more options than ever before. According to a survey conducted by the American Vows Institute on sexual practices, 35% of Americans reported having used a sex toy at least once. This indicates that sex toys have gone mainstream, and many people are already using them.

Thirdly, the stigma around the topic of sex toys was practically non-existent only a few years ago. There are now hundreds of different products, ranging from vibrators to anal plugs and BDSM related items. It’s a sign that they are becoming a revolutionary tool for sexual exploration, to help both individuals and couples expand their bedrooms experiences.

Fourthly, the most popular toys tend to be those that are directed towards women. Vibrators, for instance, sex toys are used by an estimated 52% of surveyed women today. While some couples like to explore them together, many toss the toys into their bedroom activities to enhance their pleasure.

Fifthly, sex toys are now considered to be a key tool for self-pleasure, as well. In this day and age, when the empowerment of women has taken center stage, some find that toys enable them to better explore their own bodies. Male sex toys are also becoming more popular, with cock rings, Fleshlights, and male vibrators all in the market—so there is something for everyone.

Lastly, the market for sex toys continues to grow, with over 60% of Americans now owning at least one sex toy. Although it took them a while to gain acceptance, sex toys have seeped into our culture. With more people than ever seeking new ways to explore their sexuality, sex toys look to only be more popular in the near future.