guys into real life sex doll

It’s strange how much the world has changed.Only a few years ago, it was unheard of that someone would be into real life sex dolls. But here we are, discussing it openly, like it’s nothing strange.

At first, when I heard of what these dolls were and what they could do, I was shocked. How could someone find pleasure in something that wasn’t alive? But I guess, when you really think about it , it’s no different than masturbation or using any other kind of sex toy.

I mean, all of us have our preferences when it comes to intimacy and pleasure. Some might like rough sex or BDSM, while others might prefer missionary position with cuddles and kisses afterwards. Whatever floats our boat, right? So why can’t guys who are into real life sex dolls get pleasure from that too?

It’s not like they’re hurting anyone, and as long as it’s consensual, why should anyone really care? After all, everyone deserves to be happy and have a good time, in whatever way they want. Besides, you can now buy dolls that look and even feel incredibly realistic.

For guys who just want some companionship and comfort and are not really into relationships or going out with people, these dolls might come in handy. It’s not so much about it being a cold object that they just “use” for pleasure, but about it being a warm companion too.

Plus, guys who are into dolls can just be themselves around them, without fear of stigma or judgment from others. They can come home to one, talk to it, hug it or spoon it, and know that it will be there, just as they left it.

Of course, Penis Rings I could be wrong and naysayers would likely point out all sorts of problems with this. Sure, it can seem creepy or Penis Rings even wrong to some people. Maybe there are better ways of connecting with others and getting intimacy? But I guess we won’t really know until we ask the guys who are into real life sex dolls. After all, they’re the ones who know best.Controversial sex doll brothel quietly opens in Toronto