does wallgreens sell sex toys

Well, I’m sure a lot of people have wondered whether Walgreens sells sex toys. In case you’re part of that group, let me tell you all about it. I’m no expert on adult stores or anything, but I’ve done a bit of research so I can share my knowledge.

To start off, I think it’s important to note that Walgreens isn’t exactly a sex store. It’s a drug store, and while they do sell some adult products, they don’t have a huge selection. That being said, you can actually find some sex toys at Walgreens – if you know where to look.

Obviously, you won’t find any vibrators or anything like that at Walgreens. Instead, they carry more basic items that can spice up your sex life. For instance, they usually carry flavored lubes, condoms, and K-Y products. They also have a few “novelty” items, like flavored body oils, lotions, and massage candles. Some locations even carry bullet vibrators, massage wands, and cock rings.

So if you’re looking for something to add a little excitement to your sex life, Walgreens is a great place to start. Just remember, you won’t find any hardcore stuff at Walgreens, so if you’re after something like that, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Now, the next question is – is it safe to buy sex toys from Walgreens? Well, that’s a tough question to answer. On the one hand, you can be reasonably sure that the products they’re selling are of decent quality. But on the other hand, it’s a drug store, and not all products are created equal. So I would suggest doing some research – read reviews, ask your friends for recommendations, and so on – before you buy something from Walgreens. That way, you can be sure you’re not wasting your money on an inferior product.

So while Walgreens does carry some basic sex toys, I wouldn’t recommend it as your go-to destination for all your adult fun. Instead, it’s best to use it as a starting point – and then do some further research to make sure you’re investing in quality items. Oh, and if you do decide to buy something from Walgreens, you’ll have to go in person – they don’t offer any online shopping yet.

Now that we know the basics of what Walgreens offers in terms of sex toys, let’s move on to some of the more specialised products. Unfortunately, even though Walgreens offers a few specialised adult items, they don’t have much of a selection in comparison to a dedicated store. For instance, they don’t offer any fetishwear or BDSM-gy gear, and their selection of vibrators is pretty sparse.

If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting than what Walgreens offer, I’d suggest doing some more research. Check out some of your local adult stores – you can usually find them online, and the larger ones often offer online shopping too. Or, you could simply ask your friends and family for recommendations. Someone you know is bound to have a store they can recommend!

Now, if you don’t have any stores near you, sex dolls don’t worry – there’s always the internet. Online stores usually have much more comprehensive sex toy selections than your average drug store. You can usually find BDSM-gy gear, fetishwear, bondage kits, and a much wider selection of vibrators. Plus, most online stores deliver discreetly, so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting suspicious.

Finally, let’s talk about cost. Of course, it depends on the product, but generally speaking, adult products aren’t that expensive. You can usually find good deals online, and if you’re lucky (or smart!), you might even find some coupon codes to save you some money. Plus, the quality you get for the price is often much better than with Walgreens.

So to sum it up, yeah, Walgreens does sell some sex toys. However, if you’re after something exciting and more specialised, then it’s best to look elsewhere. Either look for a local store or shop online – either way, you’re bound to find something to fit your needs.