does ups see when i order dildos

Oh gosh, I recently had to order a dildo from UPS and I was SO glad that nobody at UPS saw me ordering it. It was so embarrassing. I mean, whoever heard of an adult having to order a dildo from a mail delivery service?

Anyways, yes – UPS does NOT generally see what people order when they use their service to ship something. This is especially true when people buy things online that are shipped through services like UPS and the USPS.

For example, earlier I had to order a dildo from an online store and I monitored the shipping process using the store’s tracker. I was able to verify that it was delivered to me through UPS, but there was no indication of what the contents were beyond “package, generic.” In other words, there was no mention at all of what I had actually ordered!

I was SO relieved. I was afraid someone at UPS would figure out what I had ordered and that everyone would know what I had ordered. But thankfully, that didn’t happen! It was nice to know that all I needed to worry about was secretly opening the package and not having my friends or family discover my little secret.

Now, of course, you CAN get packages from UPS that have the contents clearly labeled. Things like boxes of books, t-shirts, mugs and other petty much anything you can buy online. But in my experience, products like dildos and other ‘adult’ items are never labeled in the delivery process, and if they are, it’s in a very vague manner.

Overall, I’m glad that UPS has a system in place that allows people to buy and ship things anonymously. The last thing anyone needs is for their embarrassing orders to be publicly known. At least for me, I like the idea that I can buy whatever I want online and ship it to myself via UPS without it being labeled – it provides a sense of privacy and comfort that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

Retailing my experience of ordering a dildo from UPS was one of the most horrifying experience I ever had. It wasn’t so much horror but a deep feeling of humiliation inside me, not to mention the shame I had to endure during the entire process! I couldn’t even bear to think about the possibility that somebody at UPS could have seen what I was ordering.

The thing that made me so paranoid about this arrangement is that I could imagine what people would likely do if they knew what I was ordering. I could visualize people laughing, mocking and pointing at me. That’s why I secretly heave a big sigh of relief when I realised there was no way people at UPS could have known what I was secretly ordering.

Beyond that, I realised that UPS created some practical rules that allowed people to buy things online and ship it to themselves anonymously. This means that as long as I was buying a product that did not require special attention, nobody would be able to determine what I had. For example, a dildo shape or size does not need to be specified on the outside of the package, and vibrators for items like this, there is no way for anyone to know what is inside.

Of course, I understand that being discreet and respectful towards people who use the service is important for many businesses. But in my case, it was especially comforting that I was able to buy and ship certain items without anyone being able to see what I had purchased.

This whole experience made me realise just how much of a relief it can be to shop online with services like UPS. I mean, this company makes it possible for people to order what they want without having to worry about someone seeing what they ordered. That in itself it a huge plus for people who value their privacy, and I appreciated it.

In the end, I was able to got what I wanted and my secret was safe with me. The worst part was probably the anticipation of finding out whether UPS could see what I ordered or not. But thankfully, the company is designed in such a way that it generally remains blind to the contents of packages and this is very reassuring.