can married roman catholics own sex toys

As a married Roman Catholic, I often ponder the ethical issue of owning sex toys. Is it permissible or even sinful for a married couple to introduce a vibrator, dildo, or other naughty device into their marriage bed? It’s a question that I have struggled with for years now, as I’ve felt torn between my spiritual teachings and my biological curiosity.

At first, I was hesitant about the idea. Was this something God would approve of? Was I honoring my marriage vows by exploring new avenues of pleasure? Would it lead to even more salacious activities that would put me on the wrong side of God’s teachings?

Deep down, I knew that I wanted to enjoy a more pleasurable sex life, and I was sure my wife felt much the same. We had both been raised with strong religious beliefs, and we had worked hard to uphold the foundations of our marriage. I just wasn’t sure if involving sex toys would move us too far away from our beliefs.

That’s when I realized I needed more help. I decided to talk to my priest and ask his opinion on the subject. He had always been so wise and understanding, and I knew he could help me come to the right decision.

To my surprise, the priest was actually quite open to the idea. He said owning a sex toy would not be considered “wrong” by Roman Catholic beliefs, as long as it was used within a married relationship and did not replace emotional or spiritual intimacy. I was relieved to hear that I could still be in compliance with my faith and enjoy a more pleasurable sex life with my wife.

I then began to research the different types of toys available on the market and learned that there was a wide range of options. We discussed our options and I unsuccessfully tried to contain my excitement. We decided to take it slow and start with a basic, discreet, waterproof toy.

My wife and I knew we had more exploring and growth to do together, and that this was only the beginning of a more fun filled and adventurous sex life. We held each other tight, smiled, and allowed ourselves to open up to the idea of introducing toys into our marriage bed.

To add to our adventure, I began to explore the idea of lingerie and massage oils. At first, sex dolls this seemed to be a scary venture, but I found that even with subtle additions, there was a deepening of respect and intimacy between us that I never knew was possible.

I also started researching creative ideas for ‘toys’ which could be made from everyday items such as a sprig of pineapple, a silk scarf, or two straws. We started having fun making up creative ways of involving these objects into our lovemaking.

By including props and new ideas. We found that our sex life was a journey, one of rediscovery and exploration. We both felt closer and more intimate, allowing us to go further in our love-making than ever before. I found a newfound respect and appreciation for my wife that I had not thought was possible.

It has been a truly thrilling and inspiring journey. We now own numerous kinds of toys, explore new methods of tantalizing each other, and would never look back. We have come to understand that everyone’s journey is unique and different, and that married Roman Catholics in particular are free to make their own decisions about how to express love and intimacy in their sex lives without worry of judgment.