can i masturbate after female to male hormone replacement therapy

I had always considered myself to be a woman on the inside.​ So when I found out that I could undergo male to female hormone replacement therapy, vibrators I was ecstatic.​ But I was also a bit worried- particularly about one potential side effect: could I still masturbate after the therapy?

I had so many questions swirling through my mind.​ How would the hormones affect my sex drive? Would my pleasure during masturbation still be the same? Could I still orgasm or would the therapy inhibit it?

I quickly did some research and spoke to a few professionals and my worries were largely put to rest.​ Generally speaking, hormone replacement therapy will not affect your ability to masturbate or experience pleasure in any way.​

That being said, every body is different and there could be individual cases where there is some degree of difficulty.​ I was told that the hormones could cause dryness, discomfort or even pain when masturbating, so I decided to be extra careful and take the necessary precautions.​

I also found that keeping my levels of testosterone and estradiol balanced was very important.​ I tried to make sure that I was getting an appropriate dose of testosterone, as too little or too much could affect my ability to orgasm.​

Overall, I was relieved with what I learned and was able to keep masturbating without worry! Initially, I used lubricants to reduce any potential discomfort and I was very careful about monitoring my hormone levels.​ After a while, I was able to enjoy my time in a pleasurable and enjoyable way.​

In addition, I found that going slow was key to understanding the changes that were occurring in my body.​ As the therapy progressed, I started to experiment a bit more as well, finding different ways to increase my pleasure.​ I also started meditating, which allowed me to stay in the moment and focus solely on my body and its sensations.​

Having gone through hormone replacement therapy, I’m now in a much better place.​ I feel liberated and empowering knowing that I’m now the gender I was meant to be and I’m able to explore my body in multiple ways.​ I’m still able to masturbate and enjoy the experience of pleasure, sex toys so I’m grateful for the journey I’ve been on and the changes I’ve experienced.​