anna and penis pump

It happened last week when my friend Anna and I decided to liven up the weekend with an inventive and rather breathtaking purchase.​ We got ourselves a penis pump! We had been talking about it for a while now, and we finally decided to take the plunge and get one, which is why we ended up at a store near our place.​ It was a bit overwhelming, to say the least.​ We didn’t know what to expect, but we did feel a certain kind of thrill.​

When we stepped up to the counter, it felt like the whole world had gone silent.​ No matter how discreet we tried to be, it was obvious what we had come for.​ I was embarrassed, not to mention scared, of what the store attendant might think of us.​ But Anna was ever confident and assured me that it was completely normal and that there was nothing wrong with wanting to experience something different.​ She was right! After a few minutes of deliberation, we picked up a purple penis pump and took it home with us.​

Once home, we were too embarrassed to get it out of the box.​ After all, it was our first time using a sex dolls toy and even though we were excited, it was all a bit much.​ So, we did what any self-respecting girl would do in such a situation: we had a bottle of wine as a way to relax and get into the mood.​ Right away, I noticed the difference wine made, as I felt more confident and assured that whatever happened would be just fine.​ Thank God for that!

Finally, after a few more drinks, we decided to get creative and started to experiment with it.​ Let me tell you, it was an absolute revelation! We added lube to the Penis Rings pump as well as some other props, and soon enough we were having the time of our lives.​ Who knew a penis pump could be such a liberating experience?!

I was in disbelief at how amazing it felt and the sensations it provided us with.​ We were giggling, and in my head, I was screaming with pleasure.​ It was definitely a fun and unique way to explore each other’s bodies.​ Being able to control and adjust the pressure was the key to maximizing my pleasure and understanding what worked best.​

There was something so liberating about having the freedom to experiment and explore, no strings attached, and that was something I’d never experienced before.​ I could feel the air around me getting tense with anticipation.​ Having Anna beside me felt like the calm before the storm.​ The more I discovered about the penis pump, the more I appreciated its potential and the thrill it gave me.​ In one word, it was exhilarating!

I guess you could say that I’m now a bit of an expert when it comes to using penis pumps, and Anna and I enjoyed every second of the experience.​ Looking back, it was definitely worth it.​ I wouldn’t expect anyone else to have the same kind of experience we did, but I guess I’m proof that it’s something worth trying at least once.​ So why not give it a go? You’ve got nothing to lose and a world of pleasure to gain!