adult sex dolls woman

When I heard about adult sex dolls it got me thinking about how strange it seemed that a woman could be replaced by an “inanimate object”. So naturally I had to do my own research to decide if this notion was right or wrong. After all, in the world of sex dolls, the similarities between a woman and one of these dolls were uncanny. I felt like I needed to be more aware and knowledgeable about this trend.

To start, I discovered that these sex dolls look like real women. They have human-like faces, slim bodies with curves in all the right places, and sex toys even have real hair. It’s faked of course, but it still gives off a realistic look. Some even have preprogrammed voice-engines so that they’d be able to speak when you talk to them.

But the really interesting part is that adult sex dolls can also be customized. You can pick the skin complexion, eye color, and choose between many different hairstyles. Not it just looks like a woman, it can almost feel like one too. The doll is often made of a super soft silicone which is very flexible and can be shaped in whatever way you want.

The thing is, these sex dolls can do things that no real woman can do. They’re always up for it no matter how many times it’s asked, and they never get tired. They also don’t mind being touched in certain areas, or even being dressed up.

At this point I thought back to the time when I first heard about these dolls. I was skeptical but now I understand why some people prefer them over real women. I mean, you’re able to create the woman of your dreams look, sound and feel exactly the way you want her to. So why go through the hassles of finding someone, or having to go through the motions of a relationship, when you could just have your own perfect woman?

But then I wondered if that also meant I was seeing women as objects? That I could put an adult sex doll woman on the same level as furniture or appliances? Wasn’t I a woman too? I had to think about it for a while before I had an answer.

In the end, I had to admit that I don’t particularly agree with the idea. While I get why people might be interested in adult sex dolls, it all seemed a little too close to objectification for my own conscience. After all, they can never truly replace a real woman. Nevertheless, I don’t judge or have anything against anyone who buys them.

That said, I think there are some underlying problems when people rely on adult sex doll women instead of real women. For one, it can contribute to men not being interested in real relationships. More than that, using sex dolls normalizes treating real women as objects since it reinforces the notion that women are just toys and that we are available for consumption.

I’m also worried that people might escape their problems by using sex dolls instead of seeking therapy or working through their issues. This can be especially damaging when it comes to relationships with real women and even more so when it comes to violence and exploitation.

That’s why all in all, I feel like adult sex doll women overtake valuable concepts of humanity and respect. The fact that you can customize a doll however you want makes it so much easier to put them at the same level of furniture and appliances – and that’s not okay for me.